Edd and Trev in UK

August 6th, 2003

It’s now been just a year since Trev and myself purchased our 2 Eagle Engines. They are running better now than ever. I don’t bother checking fuel consumption. Lets face it, if it only takes a pint of fuel for a good trip out, who gives a damn if its 190mpg or 250 mpg?

Trev is running on the standard gear still, but I’ve changed to the trail gear. My top speeds slightly less but I benefit from increased acceleration and more power on the hills. When in traffic it’s nice to have that bit more power at junctions it feels a lot safer. Trev has got through his first belt in 12 months. I think it must be the non Kevlar type as mine is running fine with no signs of wear and I know mine is the Kevlar type.

As I said, its 12 months down the line and the engines are running fine, if anything they are more responsive and take less fuel. Sorry, no figures for the fuel but fun factor rating 100%. We’re looking forward to getting the mufflers as soon as Eagle can ship them, we are nearly always running our engines together so we sound like a model twin engine Mosquito fighter plane and we tend to go early mornings or evenings after work, with the mufflers we shouldn’t scare as many pheasants.

If you are thinking of buying an engine, think bike. Make sure you are running on decent wheels and tires and that you have got 2 good brakes. I can recommend Maguba Hydraulic Rim brakes. I run with them around France and Belgium with my bike loaded with a tent, sleeping bag, camera bag and clothes as well as my own 180lbs. Around 500 miles the engine pull and the brakes stop. The bikes will be across the channel again in October, we are touring around the Pas de Calais and Bolougne can’t wait.
What more can I say…if you are thinking of buying an engine – DON`T THINK ABOUT IT, DO IT!

Top marks to all at Golden Eagle,

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