Dan in Utah

December 9th, 2007

My name is Dan B. and I live in Sandy, UT (a suburb of Salt Lake City). Last year my wife decided to return to college to finish her degree. We sold the 2nd car to economize during the 2 years she would be going to school. We lived 3 miles from my work so I decided to get a bicycle to commute. There was a 230 ft elevation difference from home to work so going to work was a breeze and the ride home was a good work out.

One year into her program, we moved to cheaper housing. This was 5 miles distance and 370 ft elevation difference. The ride to work was still easy but the ride home was too much for my late 40’s knees. So I started my Internet search for options. Friction drives, chain drives, and electric options were all out there but none of them seemed like a good choice. Friction drives wear out tires quickly, only work with smooth threads (I want, and need, my knobby tires) and slip if the tires get the slightest bit wet. Chain drives are very heavy (30+ lbs) and the chain sprocket requires major modification of the rear wheel (if you have ever built a wheel you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t chances are you don’t really want to know). Electric drive technology is not yet developed where they need to be to compare to fuel based systems, though maybe someday.

I am a Engineer and have 17 patents granted and the Golden Eagle Bike Engine system is the only intelligent design out there. I read the patent on the GEBE and was satisfied with the quality of the design. But before I decided to purchase I had some questions on some other details. I called and talked to Dennis and he was able to answer all of my questions clearly with out any smoke and mirrors. Julia was very friendly and helpful in the non-technical areas.

My bicycle is a 2006 Specialized Hard Rock w/ Disc brakes. Because of the disc brakes and I did not want to lose the quick release feature of the rear wheel, I needed to modify the mounting brackets so it could attach directly to the frame (Don’t do this with out talking to Dennis about the necessary geometry parameters to maintain first and know that this voids the warranty). I mounted the engine brackets to the frame lugs (see attached picture). This has worked out well so that I can change out my wheel with road tires (good weather) and the wheel with knobby tires (bad weather).

The Robins Subaru 35 cc 4 stroke engine is great!! Almost always starts first or second pull (sometimes more, if below 20 F). The one big hill used to take me down to my lowest gear and I could maintain about 2-2.5 MPH with a stop 3/4th the way up to catch my breath and get my heart rate back down to a safe level. Now, I go up the hill at 12-13 MPH and my peddling with the engine make for a good pleasant work out (not a potential cardiac arrest). I get an average of 120 MPG.

If the roads are clear of snow, I ride every workday. I have ridden over 350 miles so far, in 100+ F and below 0 F weather. The Golden Eagle system has handled it all.

The biggest problem with riding is that many car drivers just don’t see bicycles. As the pictures show, I have made myself as conspicuous as possible with USDOT Class 3 safety gear and flashing LED headlights and taillights. Now it is next to impossible to not see me on my bike.

I absolutely LOVE the fun, freedom and all the other benefits of having a GEBE.

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