Dan in Florida

January 13th, 2006

The GEBE bike mount kit does work on front wheel – Mine also has an electric motor, so it works like the new hybrid gas electric cars. Electric motor takes you from still to 15 mph then eagle takes over….. advantage??? Longer clutch and belt life for starters.. plus a power supply for the lighting package I’ve created. The 25 cc is plenty for any bicycle (if I need more power I go to the Honda gold wing 1500 ccs). This little 4 stroke is very very nice! I did have to do some slight mods to accommodate my front fork, but nothing extreme – a few spacers and a slight fork spreading. The bike also has a 5 speed transmission that I can peddle through giving me true all wheel drive trike so the tri bred, as I call it, is a cool ride and Eagle is a part of it.

Thanks for a decent product – the net is so full of bike engines ((from china)) OH did I say that … Golden Eagle Rules

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