Christopher in Singapore

December 13th, 2003

I have an enjoyable time with my Eagle, now I can go where I want and pry the streets and roads of Singapore. Explore old historical and popular places without having to make long walks and be exhausted. Look for nice oriental food all around my country, without having to worry about getting lost. Visit places where it is difficult or no public transport can be located. It just makes me feel that I’m discovering my country all over again. This beautiful sunny country is located in Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Glad that I’ve made the right decision in owning a Golden Eagle Engine and the support given by Julia and the patience by Dennis who finally convinced me to purchase the gear. Been sourcing for a MAB (Motor Assisted Bicycle) for quite sometime and couldn’t really make up my mind, until I visited several websites and the one that had plenty of good feedback was Golden Eagle Bike Engines their respond is great and they did a lot of explanations for a layman like me. There is also an internet forum site where I was being introduced to seek for more opinion about MAB. Well, I need not explain further and got my first MAB and am glad it is a Golden Eagle product and hope to have years of fun with it.

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