Chris in Maryland

May 25th, 2004

I haven’t had the motor a week and I’m ready to write a review for you to post on your website. Let’s start at the beginning: Your website is put together quite well. It’s very informative, helpful, and easy to navigate. Also, the bit about Bonneville is great, including the NPR broadcast (talk about bragging rights…). Also, the ordering was easy and the shipping was fast.

Installation was a breeze, or should have been, had I planned ahead. I didn’t think to measure my rear wheel clearance, so the drive ring was rubbing on the frame. That was an easy fix, along with a few minor bugs I found later. By the way, pre-measured oil is a great idea.

It started up on the third pull, and after warming up, was able to fling me down the road at previously impossible speeds. My commute to work is only 1.5 miles each way, and I can make it in less time on my bike that in my car. I’m able to cut across parking lots, trigger crosswalks (and therefore green lights), and the bike rack is closer to the door than any parking spot. And since it takes most of the pedaling out of biking, I’m no longer sweaty and stinky at work. Another problem with driving is that when it’s this hot out, the AC takes a while to get cold. I have AC built in, and it’d take a record high to make a 30 mph wind feel warm. All in all, a surprisingly good motor.

I included a few pics for your enjoyment. The bike is a generic “Schwinn quality” bike from Wal*Mart. Nothing special, but yes, I could use full suspension.

And then there’s the pic of my doorstop. I won’t say it was a bad engine, it was just the victim of trying to re-invent the wheel, while cutting corners to lower the price. The throttle was cheap plastic, the clutch (looked like a break lever) had play in directions it shouldn’t, the choke even had Chinese characters on it. Also, it’s nearly impossible to fit the 5 bolts of the main gear evenly between 18 spokes. In the picture, you can see that it was supposed to fit inside the frame like a motorcycle. Sure, it looked cool, but all the parts showed signs of poor design and shoddy construction. One of these bolts is not like the others, can you tell which? (that was from only 9 ft-lbs) Nice spiffy exhaust and a sexy fuel tank, eh? The last pic is of the mounting clamp designed for a 1″ tube. What has a 1″ tube these days? Anyways, I’ve absorbed the loss and moved on. Your motor will easily save me enough in gas to cover it, and maybe a new bike.

Again, thank you for what will likely be years of enjoyment. I look forward to providing a one year (and two year, and three year…) follow-up.

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