Chris in California

February 17th, 2004

I had heard of Golden Eagle Bike Engines online while researching different methods of motorizing a bike, and after talking to Dennis I decided to give em a try. I have seen the pics of other satisfied customers on their website, and I decided to do something different with my bike, something with an edge that will stand out in a crowd, turn some heads and get this company some attention. While most of the people mounted the engine on a 10 speed mountain bike style platform, I decided to mount the engine on a Dyno Roadster stretched beach cruiser that I dubbed ” Hardley Davidson.” To add to the effect I went all out with accessories: 18″ ape hangar bars, thick motorcycle chain, custom sprocket, pedals, saddle. The bike I ended up with is just SICK! But I couldn’t stop there; I then turned my attention to the engine and getting it to perform to absolute capacity. First I started with an aftermarket air filter, next I bolted on a high performance carb, and fully ported and polished the intake/exhaust/ and transfers, finally I ended up putting the x-can, a high performance exhaust on. All in all I GPS’ed my speed on five different runs on flat ground with medium wind and the average speed was 34.8 M.P.H. I weigh 220Lbs and my bike HAS to weigh in at over 60 Lbs! Now for a 25.4cc engine that is pretty impressive. Now on to the customer service aspect of Golden Eagle, Dennis is the man!! Any problem you have he can help fix, if you have a question, he has an answer. The staff at Golden Eagle is reason enough to purchase this kit. I am FULLY satisfied with their product, and their service, and I will do everything in my power to back Golden Eagle as if it were my company. See you around, gotta go turn some heads.

in Fountain Valley, California

“After having your Golden Eagle, would you try a friction drive, Chris?”
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