Charlie in Hawaii

January 24th, 2015

petrol motor bicycle

Dear GEBE,

The Golden Eagle Bike engine is one of the most fun and useful things I own – couldn’t imagine living without one now. I’ve had mine a year now and during that time I’ve put 1600 miles on it. I have the Tanaka 33cc 2 cycle engine which provides plenty of power for the hills I around here. On flat land in will go 30 to 32 mph. On the steeps hills here, it goes 25-27 mph up them. I weigh 145 lb. I’ve been using Amsoil Saber 2 cycle oil at a ratio of 100:1 and this delivers outstanding no smoke performance from this engine. I only wish the performance exhaust pipe was still available – I don’t want a bigger carburetor because I’m not interested in more gas consumption or speed, but I would be interested in the sound of lower or tuned exhaust, though the current sound is ok and not too loud.

The main attraction for me, besides restoring the fun of riding a bicycle I had as a youth, is the great gas mileage. I find if I ride full throttle my mileage will be 150 to 160 mpg. But, if I cruise at 27 to 28 mph, my gas mileage goes up to 180 or more, which means I will get 30 miles to one tank of gas and still have about 4 oz of gas left in it. I find that going these speeds are plenty fast for a bike and I get where I’m going fast enough for me, and since my gas guzzler van gets 18 mpg, the GEBE gets 10 times the mileage and thus costs 1/10 as much per mile. I use the bike to make business deliveries. I cannot afford to spend $8-10 dollars on gas to drive 30 miles round-trip into town, but I can afford 80 cents.

I always wear a motorcycle helmet when riding because after working in a hospital for many years, I’ve seen enough motorcycle head injuries first hand not to want one and I feel that 30 mph is fast enough to cause a severe injury. I also wear my high visibility green shirt so drivers can see me too. I know many people may feel the helmet is overkill for a bicycle, but the helmet provides me a solid comfort by keeping rain and wind off my head and bugs and dust out of my eyes.

For the bike I chose the Electra Townie so that I could rest both feet flat on the ground at stop signs. It’s kind of like an upright recumbent bike with the pedals being more forward, and it puts me more upright for better visibility to cars. I bought the Velocity rear wheel to get the strength of the heavy duty spokes which is working well.

As for other equipment on my bike, I was plagued with 4 flat tires during the first 26 miles of riding. So I came up with a 3 prong approach to avoiding flats: 1. Rubena puncture resistant tires. 2. Mr. Tuffy tire liner to resist sharp objects (between the tire and inner tube) 3. Thick thorn resistant inner tubes with sealant in them. Because of this 3 prong approach, in the next 1574 miles I’ve had zero flat tires which makes riding a pleasure.

motor bicycle throttle

I’ve also added a motorcycle type twist grip throttle which allows me to securely hold both hands on the handlebars.

Thanks Golden Eagle for creating a quality product.
Charlie – on the Big Island of Hawaii.