Charles in Washington

August 17th, 2004

Dear Sirs: I want to thank you for such excellent service and patients with me and my questions. As you know I have had the engine kit since 6/22/04 and let me tell you what a joy. I’m the only person in Yakima, WA that has this set up and I do get a lot of questions and stares. I’m just starting my third gallon of gas and have put 480 miles according the speedometer on my bike. My average speed is around 22.5 mph with a high of 31; at a little over 3/4 throttle, plenty fast for me. Going up hills and into the wind is a breeze. Around town is faster than in my car. One note when going up hills it’s like peddling on a flat surface with the wind at my back. With the price of gas most likely to go back up to 2$plus a gallon I expect to see your sales soar. Here are some photos of my bike Trek 7100.

Sincerely yours,

Charles Cromwell
One happy customer, always wear your helmet.

Charles and side-kick Charley sent a couple of photos from Beautiful WA state and the following Important note:

I have installed a night hawk one touch head light, what a difference between it and the led light. I keep the led flashing for safety and the halogen to see where I’m going, good setup. As for the flasher, it’s 3 leds and can be seen for quite a distance but for seeing what’s on the road in front of you no good. the halogen that I have has a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack good for about 2 hr ride time,4.5 hr recharge time. I am going to install an alkaline light as a back up. Never enough lights and always be aware of cars on side streets, no one around here stops for stop signs. A good sight to go for more info on lights is starlight 78 bicycle lighting system.

Have a good day – Charles
Always wear your helmet – Charley

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