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bug out bike

My bug out bike review

DISCLAIMER: I am not the type to write reviews, but this product/company is worth my time doing so.Not only have I had great results with my purchase, but the technical support has been more than top notch. 

I decided to use this product for 3 years before submitting a review, and now that that is up I feel I can give a comprehensive account, and a few pointers. Firstly, it is way too much fun and will make you want to ride it all the time. Secondly, everyone who has ever gotten on mine has the biggest smile when they come back around the block. I really regret not getting one sooner, as I shopped around for a while before getting an eagle.

Handling Terrain and Speeds

Living in central NC it is quite hilly for bikes, and you do have to work up the hills. Additionally you don’t want to go down hills faster than the motor will allow, as you are direct drive. On my bike this is about 35mph max with the high gear. However when on flats like our coast it is like having a scooter you simply have to peddle to get started. I recommend getting all 3 gears as they are cheap, and easy to store on the bike/change on the fly. This will allow you to operate at different speeds and torques. Think of it like having a car that can only be in one gear at a time. You are the low gears, and the motor is going to be in low, mid, or high depending on what gear you run the belt on. The 13 tooth is useless on trails, and the 11 is a slug on the roads, with the 12 being in between. (think they ship with the 12)

My top speeds are approximately:

11T 22mph
12T 28mph
13T 33mph
This will vary with the variables of bike, tire size, load-out, and rider etc.

bug out bike

Fuel Recommendation

Like any small engine it likes high-test non-ethanol fuel, though it will run on anything.You are getting 140-200mpg so don’t be cheap. She will start and run better with the good stuff.

The Law In NC

In NC it is legal, and under bike laws, so no helmet law if you are over 18, no registration, etc.I spoke with J.M. Layton of the NC Division of Motor Vehicles to clarify this after receiving a ticket for no helmet, registration/tags/insurance. The cop  didn’t know the law, and insisted I had manufactured a motorcycle to spite my protest.Layton told me to name drop and tell any LE to contact him if they didn’t believe me. Most cops are not going to care, and the only other time I got pulled the cop said “I’m sorry man, I just didn’t know what the hell you were!”.

bug out bicycle

Storage Mods

The frame bag, folding baskets, and glove box I made were all vast improvements, but I rocked it with a back pack for a while. The best mod for me was the fuel can, both to balance the weight of the motor, and complete the look I was going for. However it is primarily a function of having a greater fuel storage. If you look closely I ran intake, prime, and breather lines directly into the tank, so it is not extra fuel but the fuel tank itself.
bug out bike motor

Safety Mods

A GOOD MIRROR IS HUGE!That was the first thing I did.Pulled mine of an old enduro bike I found in the woods. I run one of those elastic band AAA LED head mount lights on the bike because I had one laying around and liked that it was adjustable in brightness, and angle. Mounted it under the glove box, because it will throw shadows if the road has a pot hole. A helmet light will not do that, but I run that as well. My helmet light is a 800lumin Inforce weapon mount light simply attached to the pic rail on my helmet. I also run a Surefire helmet light on the back of my helmet as a “running light” Have one reflector on the rear, and should probably have more.Just took it off an old bike and mounted it to the belt cover. The helmet is a Team Wendy Fast Helmet.Get a good helmet.Your skull will thank you. Good gloves and long sleeves if you are going to be an idiot like me.I burned a hole through my thin gloves and shirt during a spill from hitting a turn WAY too fast.
bug out bike engine
Other Mods
The double kick stand is necessary!I would never be without it.Trust me on this one, mine fell all the time, and finally broke due to the bike being top heavy.  
When you take your provided kill switch out of the package immediately throw it away. Mine would constantly find a way to ground out and either kill the bike, make it not start, or just run like crap. It would also shock me when I rode in the rain and tried to turn it off. Sorry Golden Eagle, but that switch is a dumpster fire.
I’m sure it could be replaced with a better waterproof one for a couple bucks, but I just took it off.
To kill mine I simply goose the throttle and the choke at the same time.Works much better.


I am a big advocate of this product, and the customer support is top notch.
Fun and cheap to ride.
Get a good helmet, and ride it like you stole it!

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