Brian in Pennsylvania

May 12th, 2004

My bicycle engine kit reviews. The first engine I had was a 48cc chain drive on my mongoose mtn bike. It looked cool on my bike but the truth is it was hard to start, and one day I was going down a hill at full speed the drive chain locked up also locking up my back wheel. I got lucky and didn’t crash. And because the chain was jammed I couldn’t even ride my bike home. So I dragged my bike home over a mile, so I knew I needed a good engine. A friend told me about golden eagle, so I got the engine kit. It got here in 3 days.

bicycle engine kit reviews

I have hooks in my cellar that I hang my bike on when I work on it. My brother came over Sunday and helped me put the engine on and it only took 1/2 hr. I have the engine on a mongoose 21 speed mt bike and I have to say the golden eagle makes my bike fast. My other engine; the 48cc chain drive would take a while for it to get up to speed, and has a 48 tooth sprocket. But the eagle don’t bog down at all and it has way more top end speed because of the big drive wheel. I don’t have a bike computer but I have to say that my bike is way faster with the 25.4 cc eagle engine. I know the other 48cc engine was bigger but it also lost a lot of power because it took more work to turn that heavy chain and was also harder on the engine. So I have to say I’m very happy with my golden eagle engine and I tried it in rain. It worked great. One thing I like about the eagle is it is easy to install and it starts on the first or second pull and I also have more top end power because of the big drive ring.

There is a path I like to ride on near me. There is a river to the left and a canal to the right. It’s called the tow path. Anyway I went there Sunday. I live in Bethlehem. and the path goes up to another town called Allentown. Well I got up to Allentown in no time. I have lights all over my bike and an extra fuel bottle. Everyone at golden eagle was great and they answered all my questions. That t shirt is very cool. I like the gold sparkles on the eagle. If your looking for a good engine that’s great on gas I would say to buy an eagle………………………..I am one very happy customer………………..

See ya..Brian………

bicycle engine kit review
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