Brian in Pennsylvania

July 08th, 2005
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Well, I have had my motorized bicycle engine a little over 1 year now, and I have been having so much fun. I just got a bike computer, and my top speed on a flat road was 33mph. I think that’s great for my bike because my bike is very heavy. My top speed going down a big mountain here was 56 mph. I think that’s very fast for a motorized bike. The new pictures I sent G.E.B.E. are from a town not too far from me. There was a big flood here in April 05. They are from a town called Easton PA. There are pictures of a fish ladder. You can see how high the water was by looking at all the leaves in the fence. Also the water pushed over the fence and the poles for the fence.

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Anyway back to my engine. I have the 2 cycle 25.4cc motorized bicycle engine. There are a lot of thing’s I like about this engine. The first thing I like is the drive ring on the back wheel. I have a lot of top end power. This drive ring is 3 times the size of the 48 tooth sprocket on my old 48cc chain drive engine…I also like the belt drive on my motorized bicycle engine. It is easy to change a belt. A belt doesn’t make as much noise. In my last review I talked about that 48cc chain drive engine. I also talked about how my chain jammed up on that engine, and that I could not even ride my motorized bike home. My back wheel was locked up. So I had to push it home over a mile back to my house on my front tire. At least if my belt would break I can still ride home.

motorized bike

But it’s been over 1 year and my belt still has some life left in it. The bad thing about a chain is it can jam up. It will get all rusty, and dirty if you don’t do a lot of maintenance on it. But with a belt it’s very low maintenance. Also about those engines that drive off the tire. I knew someone who had one of those engines. I asked him how it did in the rain/and snow. And he told me he could not ride in bad weather because the gear would slip. And he also told me he went through tires like crazy. So I think belt drive is the best, because you can ride in all weather without any problem. We get a lot of rain and snow here in PA. So I need a motorized bicycle engine I can depend on. There are times when I’ll go over 50+ miles from home with my engine. And I don’t think I would trust going that far with all those other engines. So to all those great people at G.E.B.E…Keep up the great work. Your customer support is excellent. I am one very happy customer.


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