Brian in Pheonix, AZ

August 6th, 2009
HI to everyone at g-e-b-e. Well I’ve had my 25cc engine 5 year’s now & in PA I had over 3,000 mile’s on it. I don’t have a bike computer here in AZ, but I’ve been everywhere & if I would guess, I’m sure I put another 500 mile’s on it.


I took the red cover off out here to clean it & my friend told me it looks cool without it cuz you can see the fin’s for the engine & I also was thinking it will get more air in it too. I’m really happy with my engine I’ve been all over & I’m also really happy with the back wheel I bought from g-e with the thick spokes.


I see a lot of people with gas engines on there bikes out here but most are the kind that has a gear that tear’s up the back tire. Anytime they want to race I’m ready…LOL cuz with the big drive ring I know I have more top end speed. Thank you for thinking of such a cool idea…

Brian in phoenix AZ

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