Bob in Texas

November 2nd, 2008
bicycle motor parts

Thanks for the great phone based service before I ordered my Robin/Suburu 4 cycle kit. The install was straightforward and easy. I only had to bend one of the brackets a few degrees for a perfect fit on my new Novara metro (REI) which I bought specifically for this project.

I replaced the quick release axle with the solid axle I ordered from GEBE. This took almost as much time as it took to install the kit (brackets, engine, and cables). I had to run to the bike shop to buy a 15mm cone wrench to replace the quick release axle. Other than the cone wrench ($7.00) I needed only the standard tools I had around the house for the install … Nice design on the kit! Oh, by the way the engine started on the first pull out of the box.

bike motor parts

I have four bikes: a titanium road-bike, a folder, an electric bike, and my GEBE. I’m going to replace two of my bike since I’ve gotten my GEBE running. It’s a dream to ride. Austin, Texas has moderate hills and I have not had to pedal up a hill yet. I’m surprised by the power that the Robin/Suburu puts out. My max speed is about 30 miles per hour (on the flat).

Overall I am impressed with the quality of the kit … GEBE obviously puts a lot of care into the design, documentation, and packaging of the kit. I’m looking forward to a whole new form of transportation.

Bob Flegal

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