Bob in Mississippi

October 31st, 2007
bicycle assist engine kit

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new 40cc Tanaka installation. The kit arrived soon after I placed my order and the installation was straight forward with no need for any customer support. I bought a brand new 26″ Mongoose mountain bike at Wal-Mart, primarily because it was the least expensive bike I could find with full suspension and disk brakes front and rear. I’m a big guy (old too) and I figured these two features would be important.

This bike goes a LOT faster than I normally pedal and it was obvious after the first ride that the disk brakes and suspension were important to my sense of well being and safety. I wanted to mount the engine as far forward as possible and that position worked out quite well when it came to dealing with the disk brake mounting points. I only had to machine one small notch in the left leg of the engine mount and shorten the forward stabilizing strap. See the photo for details.

bicycle gas engine kit

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