Bob in California

November 5th, 2005
bicycle engine diy


I bought a Golden Eagle kit in June of 2004. I live in the mountains of Southern California at 1500 feet above sea level. A trip to *town*, Santa Barbara, is about 5-1/2 miles down a windy mountain road to Highway 101 and then a relatively flat 10 miles along the shoulder to the edge of town where many street side bike paths take one just about anywhere in town. I work at home but haul my wood carvings to town using a kiddy cart (two wheel type). I make several trips a week to town. So far I have over 6,000 miles on the engine.

My bike is a Cannondale aluminum mountain bike and was well used when I mounted the motor kit. I had a few problems all minor. First I broke a bunch of spokes on the pulley side of the rear wheel. Turns out the previous owner had stressed the spokes. I replaced them with Swiss stainless spokes of a constant diameter (not tapered). The Golden Eagle folks suggested wrapping the cross point of the spokes with copper wire and soldering which I did. No broken spokes now for a year and a half. The muffler kept working loose even when I used thread lock. So I made a new mount as pictured and have had no problems. The rear wheel pulley started to move a bit up and down the spokes. I adapted 1/4 inch stove bolts by hack sawing a slot next to the bolt head, sliding it on the spoke, adding a washer and tightening it with the tensioner released. No problem sense then. My drive pulley and belt wore out and I could see why. The roads I use have a lot of dirt/grit and it gets tossed into the belt and drive gear. First I added a fender I made out of 1 1/2 inch black PVC drain pipe cut in half and about 8 inches long front and rear. On the rear I made a cover for the drive pulley out of 3 inch white PVC drain pipe end caps. I slotted the outer cover which is held on with a metal screw and comes of for pulley changes. I got a new hardened drive pulley from Golden Eagle. Now instead of 1000 miles on a belt I get over 2000 miles.

I have a Sigma Sport dual beam light set up and a LED rear flasher. Night riding is fun but a little caution is advised on the speed. As far as speed goes I cruise at 30 MPH easy, sometimes up to 35 MPH. On slight hills I usually pedal a bit to keep at 30 MPH. At stops I accelerate using motor and pedal and usually can keep up with cars. I changed from knobby tires to *street slick* tires, made a big difference in top speed and mileage.

Here are the things I love about this system. First I have always loved biking but at 64 years it gets to be hard doing the long distances. This system is like always coasting downhill, pure fun. I hate being dependent on fossil fuels, I am a firm believer in Peak Oil and if that is a new concept I suggest you Google the phrase. I also am a firm believer in Global Climate Change as caused in large part by burning copious amounts of oil in our cars and trucks. This is one way of reducing my pollution footprint as I get 250 mpg as opposed to under 30 in my Ford truck. And last but not least I love the simplicity of the engineering that went into this design. It is hard to imagine that a 25cc motor can get me around town with all the function of a 2500cc truck and 6 times the mileage and a whole lot less problems parking or avoiding traffic tie-ups. And the folks at Golden Eagle are truly *Golden* folks.

Many thanks.
Bob Hazard

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