Bob in Portland, Oregon

August 18th, 2009
bicycle motor wheel

Just a short review to express my thanks to GEBE for making available to the public such a great product as the belt drive bike engine kits!! I have been building motor assisted bikes for over 5 yrs now and have tried just about every method there is to drive the bike such as friction and chain but I’m here to tell you that the belt drive system from GEBE is by far the best!!

This chopper tricycle is my latest project. Am using the Tanaka 40cc kit and by designing my own engine bracket am able to drive the rear wheel. I use a motorcycle twist grip throttle, Sturmey-archer front wheel, Whizzer gas tank and NuTek airfree tires all around. The trike with a 12 tooth drive sprocket and 24″ tires on the rear will do about 30 mph. Don’t even ask me about mpg because I am having so much fun on it I could care less…….lol

Well enough said except for you’re great product and the fantastic customer support!!!

Have a great day……..The old guy from Oregon………Bob S.

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