Bill in Florida

October 17th, 2006
Dear GeBe,

I have been car free for 10 months now. I commuted under my own power up until last month when I found your bicycle motor kits online. There are some days I am too tired or just can’t get up the gumption to make the 25 mile commute, plus trips to the store, and to friends and families houses. I have tried all sorts of electric bicycles and bicycle motor kits and have been left dissatisfied. Electric bicycles at this point are far too unreliable (rain does a number on these products), don’t have enough range (my best is a 9 mile range with a 4 hour recharge time), and the batteries are too heavy (removes the light and free feeling of a bicycle). I have had my GeBe Subaru bicycle motor kits mounted for one month now and have logged over 1000 miles already! Thank you for offering such a great product.

bicycle motor kits
I purchased your bicycle motor kits and received it within 4 business days. That was a great start to my gasoline powered cycling adventure! I purchased an Electra Townie 8 to mate my engine kit with. Unfortunately, the flange radius of the internally geared hub changed the spoke configuration so that the drive ring would not just snap on… No step for a stepper! First thing I did was call your company, a gentleman named Den answered the phone promptly. He was very helpful and apologized that the drive ring would not mate with the particular bicycle I chose. He offered me a couple great tips on how I could modify the ring (he had apparently done this on a bicycle prior to my inquiry). A quick drill bit, a hacksaw, and a sharp razor blade remedied my malady. In about 2 hours I had my bicycle motor kits mounted on my stock bicycle. The engine fired on the third pull! ZOOM! I was off at 26.8 mph on the first run! I have the Garmin Edge 305 computer mounted to my handlebars; my speed estimation is extremely accurate! This 6’2″, 224lb. male was extremely happy to find your website’s claims to speed to be accurate! Within a one week break-in period I have attained unaided (either by wind or hills) speeds of around 29.6 mph. I will be installing the larger gear on my engine soon to get an extra 10% of mph!

I found the rear axle mount an ingenious way to make this kit universally fit to most bicycles. Unfortunately all of my bicycles are flat tire magnets. I decided to re-mount the kit to my frame rather than to my axle to simplify changing flats on the side of the road. I drilled my rear dropouts, threaded the holes, added some rubber motor mounts (glorified rubber washers), a couple big bolts, a whole bunch of blue threadlock and shortened the mounting bracket to compensate for belt length (I’m sure doing so voided my warranty on both the bicycle and the engine kit!). Whew, now that this project was over I have an engine kit that is mounted directly to the bicycle. Now, if I get a rear-tire flat I don’t have to mess with the engine kit mounting assembly. I just release the belt tensioner, remove the belt, and off comes the wheel!

The more I have ridden the more I have found myself tinkering (big surprise!) to make adjustments for ease of use, quietness, and safety. My stock rear rim, front hub, and spokes on both wheels could not handle the rigorous use I subject them to. So of course, out come the tools again! I upgraded to heavy duty double walled rims, 10 gauge spokes, and a Bulletproof front hub with sealed bearings. These upgrades were complimented by Kevlar reinforced tires with heavy duty tires (great items for anyone who doesn’t like flat tires). I also zip tied the spokes together for a little bit more added sturdiness. (I would not recommend this for standard gauge spokes. The spokes will break under the speeds this bicycle motor kit will move your bicycle at). While I had the wheels off, I added some duct tape cushioning, some washers, and of course a whole bunch more threadlock to the undersides on the fenders to eliminate rattling noise.

gas bicycle motor kits

I added a spare fuel tank. Thank you adding the link to MSR fuel storage tanks on your website. Between the gas tank on the engine and the spare canister I now have enough range to make this vehicle useful day to day. I could always add a couple more tanks for really long range rides. My last addition to my vehicle was the brightest lights I could purchase/afford. Lights and being seen are the only bit of protection I have from angry road raged automobile drivers. I chose the “Light and Motion Arc Li-Ion Ultra” for the headlight and the “DiNotte Li-Ion tail light.” There is only one headlight brighter on the market; The Lupine Edison 10. In my humble opinion the brightness difference is perceivable but not worth the price difference. The Dinotte taillight is the brightest taillight hands down.

I am not some anti-car conservationist that thinks the “peak-oil” crisis is going to happen tomorrow. I still use my pickup truck occasionally for errands to Home Depot. All I am doing is looking for a way to hang on to a little bit of my hard earned cash (and keep it out of the oil baron’s hands), while trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly, and have a bit of fun in the process. I have given you a complete breakdown of how I setup my bike so that anyone interested can see how practical this vehicle can be. I use it daily. I own a used car lot and this is how I get back and forth from home to work and get most of my errands accomplished. I use it to go see friends and family. I use it to get food from the store and to go to restaurants. Most importantly I use it to go to the beach on the weekends. Chicks dig it! I no longer arrive at my destination in a sweaty huff (it’s hot in Florida most of the year) from pedaling. My 160-200 mpg will knock the socks off of any “eco-minded” Prius driver. And just to top it off, at about every other stoplight I get to have a conversation with a complete stranger about my ride. Thank you again GeBe for such a great product and great support/service!

Best Wishes and God Bless,

Bill D.

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