Bill in Florida

April 14th, 2011
bicycle engines


My name is Bill from Orlando Florida and I just wanted to thank everyone at golden eagle for a wonderful bicycle engines and for their excellent customer service.

I purchase your bicycle engines at the end of march and the Honda 35cc 4 stroke engine from small engines. Both products have performed very well and reliable for me. Here is the picture of my golden eagle bicycle engines reliable and safer transportation.

Notice the name on the bicycle, and that is just what is does!. Roadmaster – Mt Climber!

I am also the not so proud owner of a 66cc Chinese bicycle that only lasted 20 miles before the small sprocket broke, locking up the back tire and causing me to fall down. Thanks to god I was not hit by the car behind me.
Here is the picture of my old unreliable bike.

My point, your bicycle engines I would recommend to anyone.


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