Bicycle Engine Kit with Trailer

April 14th, 2018

My Whip (900+ Miles)

Here’s a picture of my current bike with the trailer hitched up (I mounted the clutch for the trailer hitch onto the mount strap itself, works quite well).. in addition to the 32cc Tanaka engine it’s also equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple tires, front and rear lights, a rearview mirror, a spedometer/odometer, two bottle holders and two carabiners which I use to secure the belt when not in use – my odometer currently reads out at 741.9 miles but I’d say there’s quite a few hundred more that have been unaccounted for, plus the bike already had a lot of miles on it before I put the engine on.. it’s been holding up very well but I soon plan on retiring it back to normal bike status in favor of a steel-frame cruiser with Velocity rims and drum/coaster brakes(:

Cody from Colorado

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