Bicycle Engine Kit – Brent & Jan in N. Carolina

Bicycle Engine Kit – June 7th, 2006

Hi Golden Eagle,

This is Brent & Jan and we just got back from a week on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with our Golden Eagle bicycle engine kit. This is a small artist community where everyone gets around on their bikes. You may be hearing from some of them as EVERYONE was stopping us and asking where they could get the bicycle engine kit and bike we were riding (a fold up Blue Star Mountain Bike).We loved the attention we got everywhere we went. I just thought I would send you a pic of them in action at the beach. Here they are in all their glory. Your bicycle engine kit is such a delight to ride. We were able to zip along the waters edge with our bicycle engine kit.


bicycle engine kit
We were really amazed at how simple everything went together and how simple the engineering was. It only took us an hour to install them on both bikes. The bicycle engine kit design is truly brilliant; three bolts and a little belt alignment. After a test drive, and some final tweaking, we were ready to hit the beach for some awesome fun in the sun. We couldn’t believe how insanely economical the bicycle engine kit was for us to use. I think we only spent $5 on gas to get around the entire vacation. And we went everywhere. We have tons of pics and great memories from this trip on our bicycle engine kit. We can’t wait to go on another long, beautiful, relaxing vacation with our Golden Eagle bicycle engine kit.

Thanks for your continued efforts and support! Thank you for answering all my questions. I really appreciate the time that you took with us.

Brent & Jan

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