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December 24th, 2010
gas bicycle engine

Hello, again, Golden Eagle! Here’s an update about my gas bicycle engine.

Well, here’s my latest update about my MB travels with my Golden Eagle gas bicycle engine. I spent the month of May touring and camping in Washington State, then I boarded the ferry for Alaska. I spent? month in Juneau and rode in their 4th of July Parade, then onto Haines for two months, then back to Juneau for the winter. All told, I put over 1,200 trouble-free miles on my PF40 during this adventure.

Next May I am going to ride the Lewis & Clark Trail thru to Missouri. That should be FUN!

gas bicycle engine diy

The GEBE gas bicycle engine system has proven itself MORE than capable of this endeavor…I’m carrying a total weight in excess of 500lbs, so I have been reduced to using 11T & 12T drive gears, and I still average 25mph & 128mpg.

gas powered bike kit

Without your fine system and exemplary road-support, I would never survive such an adventure…so I guess it’s time once again to say THANK YOU for all you do.

gas friction drive

I’m journaling my gas bicycle engine Adventures on my personal website, visit for updates and more pictures:


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