Andrew’s 4 stroke motorized bicycle review

July 1st, 2016

4 stroke motorized bicycle

This engine kit is by far the simplest most efficient design I have found in my quest for finding the perfect bicycle engine, well worth the price and a great buy all around. I have had a few small engines to tinker with for the past few years, all were Chinese 2 strokes engines 80 cc for a few and one 50 cc.

The Chinese kits are much cheaper and terrible overall, no durability or dependability what so ever, they would literally require you to bring a tool bag with you everywhere you go to be prepared for when they inevitably break down or fall apart routinely at least every other ride. Folks I’m not exaggerating this either the Chinese 2 stroke engines could not be relied upon to take you on a long trip or even a commuter to work Not to mention they got mediocre gas mileage and the fact that the engine sits inside the bicycle frame between your legs means your pants will probably smell like gas from the carburetor rubbing against your pant leg the whole way to work. And with how the drive system with the junk 2 strokes works you have to add a second chain to the other side of the bike, which is a ton of work to put on or take off if need be, at that point it doesn’t remotely feel like a bike anymore but just a really poorly made and dangerous motorcycle. I also had to constantly buy replacement parts for them and had to buy a replacement engine twice over a two year period.

I am so happy I discovered this company it really has been wonders. I have only had my build for about a month but I love every minute of it, the lightness of the motor, the ease of installation, the belt driven design is design is brilliant! my friends love it and I get positive comments on the streets about it everyday! It powers the back wheel without any installation headaches and doesn’t make the bike heavy or clunky, it feels like how a bike should feel like, there is barely any friction from it when riding with the motor off and is simple and easy to take off completely.

The motor is very quiet, its a honda gx35 4 stroke, has excellent power Im 245 lbs with an additional 20 lbs of gear on me and my bike cruises at an easy 20 mph with minimal pedaling… 9 mph up the steepest hills and im not even breaking a sweat! My smaller friend at 190 lbs can do the same at almost 30 mph flat land 15 uphill. Gets phenomenal fuel economy I fill it up about twice a week and i commute about 30 miles round trip a day without any problems at all. I have put on almost 600 miles on my engine without a hiccup and the customer service with GE is amazing, I punched in the wrong address when ordering my kit and didnt notice until after I submitted it, shot them a message about the inconvenience and they replied with an email and phone call correcting the issue almost instantaneously THATS customer service ! Great buy thank you Golden Eagle you guys have made another customer happy!!!

Andrew in Seattle, Washington

Update September 24th, 2016


These kits are still the simplest designs out there for mounting motors on bikes, adding a second GEBE kit to my bike was a breeze and my horsepower has been doubled! Being 260-280lbs. When fully geared I was a little underpowered going up steep hills, wouldn’t be an issue if I slimmed down but I didn’t want to get a bigger engine installed differently like how many ppl online thought so, so I brainstormed a bit and realized how easy installing a front motor would be. End result is a bike with all wheel drive and 3 HP of torque, capable of taking this fat man 35 mph on streets and 25 mph up hills that once struggled on. The engine eats more gas than my honda but it is very powerful even though it is not fully broke in yet. Very solid and very pleased thank you Golden Eagle

Andrew in Seattle

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