Retro-fitting your Old Engine

To retro-fit your old engine, for example Dimension Edge (this example is of the 43cc Mitsubishi 2-stroke on Golden Eagle 76mm clutch mount set-up). If you don’t have the proper tools, take the engine to a small engine shop, all the lock-tight used by Edge makes the engine VERY hard to take apart – something you’ve probably already learned. If you don’t know the clutch size of your engine take the engine to a Small Engine Repair Shop, to find out. We don’t Know All small engines nor have the manpower to research all engines – this kit IS for the “Do-It-Yourself”ers.

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1) Remove the fly-wheel cover cover.
2) Remove the drive shaft assembly. (two bolts)
Your engine is now ready for installation of clutch shoes.

3) Install the clutch shoes, Tighten bolts.

Our mount kit with 76mm clutch does Not include clutch shoes. Clutch shoes can be purchased at the small engine shop.

4) Install the Clutch Housing and tab for Safety Cover – safety cover tab goes on upper left bolt of clutch housing. Tighten bolts.

5) Remove the Edge throttle/gear shift cable.

Install the GEBE spring loaded trigger throttle assembly.

6) Finally, bolt on the GEBE engine bracket.

You have completed installation of your engine onto the GEBE engine Mount Kit w/o Engine and are now ready to Install the Engine on your bicycle.
Printed instructions included with kits.