2 & 4 Stroke Complete Kits

2 & 4 Stroke Complete Kits


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X38 Golden Eagle 38cc, Honda and Tanaka engines are currently back ordered for an indefinite time, due to Covid-19 shutdown.
Some parts and accessories are still available at this time.

Our patented positive kevlar belt drive bicycle motor kits allows for a more efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheel. While in contrast friction drive or gear reduction chain barely deliver 1/2 of their power to the road. While in contrast with a Golden Eagle you can ditch that big, heavy, dangerous, noisy (oil spitting) 80cc engine… and actually achieve your desired performance, speed or pick-up.

ALL components of the Golden Eagle drive – mount unit, drive ring, gears, belts, throttle… are 100% made in the USA! Everything is made to US standards and provide local jobs. Similarly GEBE is committed to providing reliable, affordable motorized bicycle transportation. Our 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke bicycle motor kits are extremely well built for long life… dependability and most notably, fuel efficiency. (200mpg) ; our kits exceed Carb Tier II EPA requirements!

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