Installing the Light Kits

Illustration of Corner Brake Lamp

Battery installation

  1. Press down with thumb on the protruding line of the cell and push open.
  2. Install two “AA” 1.5V batteries inside in the correct direction, then close cell.

Corner lamp installation

  1. First encase clamp on the top of saddle tube, then tighten up the screw till suitable. Set the bend buckle in the sink on the stand of corner lamp and tighten up till suitable.
  2. Install the control switch on the handle, close the rubber collar of handle in case turn the switch freely; then truss up the corner lamp with thread in the control switch box around trestle.


How to install the brake cable sensor switch

** In general the Switch should be installed into a stripped brake cable wire near to the rear brake.

  • For the center-pull (fig. a) and cantilever brakes (fig. b), install the switch as shown.

Sensor Assembly




Function Instructions

  1. “NIGHT” refers to the night lamp. Push the switch to the position “ON”, the middle light of the rear lamp will be turned on.
  2. “DIRECTIONAL” refers to the direction lamp. Push the switch to the position “L”, the left direction light will be turned on; push the switch to the position “R”, the right direction light will be turned on.
  3. box5 ” refers to the horn button. Adjust the switch position on the controlling handle, you can choose eight different tones.

Mount on Safety Cover or Fender

  1. Remove back bend buckle, install on L bracket (supplied) with lock nut (supplied) adjust and Tighten Securely.
  2. Drill 1/4 hole in fender/cover, insert threaded pin, secure w/2nd lock nut and Tighten.