Info About Our Bicycle Motor Kits

Golden Eagle Bicycle Motor Kits

Our Bicycle Motor Kits come with everything needed to mount
the engine to your bike and hit the road!

bicycle motor kits

Complete Bicycle Assist Engine Kit with all mount parts

A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount Strap
D. Safety Cover
E. Front Mount Strap
F. Engine w/mount bracket & drive assembly
G. Trigger Throttle, cable attached
H. Kill Button, wire attached
I. Oil – for 2-strokes only
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear Key
K. Nuts, bolts, washers, Clutch Knob & Zip-Ties

bicycle motor kits


PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke Bicycle Motor Kits

Complete Engine & Mount Kit

Featuring excellent power-to-weight, all Tanaka engines are built with the highest quality engine components for long life and quick and easy starting.

32 cc PureFire two-stroke engine – 50:1 fuel mix
Compact, Lightweight & Powerful
A Green Machine CARB Tier II, Phase II Compliant
Top speed of 30+ MPH – 25-30 miles per tank – 160-180 MPG
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Tanaka PureFire

Tanaka PureFire Bicycle Motor Kits
bicycle motor kits
Purefire, Tanaka’s innovative two-stroke engine (a perfect match with our bicycle motor kits), is a traditional two-stroke engine that produces ultra-low emissions without the need for special or additional internal moving parts.

During the intake/compression stroke, the optimized scavenging system within the cylinder and crankcase walls (see illustration), significantly increase the atomization of the fuel/air mixture which results in a much more efficient combustion process.

Then, in the combustion/exhaust stroke, the exhaust exits through a small catalytic converter in the muffler where the remaining hydrocarbons turn into carbon dioxide.

Golden Eagle Bicycle Motor Kits with Honda GX35 OHC Mini 4 Stroke Engine

Mounting Kit plus Engine


Years of searching for a 4-stroke engine that could compete with the Original 25.4cc two-stroke Golden Eagle Bicycle Motor Kits- meeting it’s High standards of Performance – Dependability – Fuel efficiency and Environmental friendliness – has met Successful conclusion.
Honda applied their superior engine technology to create the GX 35cc engine. The ultra-lightweight GX35 Mini 4-Stroke efficiently delivers the kind of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you expect from a larger engine but in a very compact package.
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Belt-driven OHC design

In addition to the milder operating noise of 4-Stroke engines in general, the Mini 4-Stroke belt-driven OHC design further reduces unpleasant mechanical noise. Its lighter piston and other moving parts help keep vibration to a comfortable level.

Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines

Efficient 4-Stroke technology not only offers superior fuel economy, it also requires no mixing of oil in the engine fuel supply. This substantially reduces both oil consumption and the emission of unburned oil in the exhaust.

An exclusive Honda rotary-slinger lubrication system keeps oil in a completely misted state and circulates it using pressure fluctuations generated by the movement of the piston.

Built-in passages effectively return the circulated oil to the oil reservoir from every part of the engine. An oil return port positioned in the center of the reservoir prevents oil from accidentally flowing into the combustion chamber.

The results include better all-around environmental performance and operating costs that actually decrease the more the engine is used!

Mount Kit without Engine

bicycle motor kits


A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount Strap
D. Safety Cover
E. Throttle
F. Engine Mounting Bracket
G. Clutch Housing/Bell Assembly shown w/Gear
H. Kill Button, wire attached
I. Front Mount Strap
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear Key
K. Nuts, bolts, washers, Clutch Knob & Zip-Ties

Special notes when ordering a Mount Kit only:

We have 4 different HTD gears: Please indicate which gear you wish included with order (one is included with Kit). This information can be noted in the ‘message’ block that pops up Before you finalize your order online. Thank you.

The Kit comes complete with a 76mm clutch; all mounting and drive parts; kill & throttle assemblies. Four bolts attach the clutch housing to engine & Four bolts attach the engine to our mount.

Mount kit with 76mm clutch fits most 76mm clutch, flat-top engines. Including, but not limited to: 35cc Robin/Subaru 4-stroke, 31cc and 35cc Honda 4-stroke, 40cc Komatsu Zenoah/RedMax 2-stroke, 33cc & 40cc Tanaka 2-stroke, 43cc Mitsubishi 2-stroke, …
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If you don’t know the clutch size of your engine – take the engine to a Small Engine Repair Shop, to find out. We don’t Know All small engines nor have the manpower to research all engines – this kit IS for the “Do-It-Yourself”ers.

Bicycle Motor
Four bolts (provided) attach clutch
housing (provided) to engine.
DIY Bicycle Engine
Four bolts (provided) attach
engine bracket to our mount.
Click HERE for “How to Install your flat-top engine on GEBE’s Mount Kit w/o Engine”

** IMPORTANT! Our bicycle motor kits are NOT designed to mount on a Quick Release axle. The Quick Release should be replaced with a standard solid axle (available at most bicycle shops), comes with cones and bearings. – OR – You can purchase a Replacement axle from GEBE that fits the cones and bearings of the 10mm Fine(most common) or 1.25mm Coarse (Rare) quick release axle.

** IMPORTANT! Check and tighten all nuts, bolts and spokes on the bike and mount kit Before taking off for your New Adventures in motorized cycling. Nuts, bolts even spokes will seat as they adjust to the new speeds you are traveling – Re-check and Re-tighten All nuts and bolts after 1st gallon running time – even the front and lower mount straps, knob on tension lever arm and spokes. When you’ve run a few gallons out, the nuts, bolts and spokes should have seated and you shouldn’t have to check as frequently. With any piece of transportation, it is prudent to perform routine bike and engine maintenance (see manual). Depending on the number of miles, your particular bike and individual riding style, frequency will vary.

DO NOT Over-tighten spokes. Normal torque on spokes is all that is required. Wheels have an automatic bow when cornering fast, over tightening spokes can cause them to break when making sharp turns at fast speeds.

DO NOT torque down on the nut (pivot point) on belt tension lever arm. A lock nut is pre-set from factory, you don’t want it loose but to torque it down causes improper belt tension and adversely affects free movement of the tension arm. This arm must pivot freely for proper alignment and belt tension.

We DO NOT recommend you motorize a 27″ touring bike, the rims and spokes of these bikes may not hold up well to the pounding they will take at Eagle speed.

**IMPORTANT** DO NOT modify mount parts or change any angles – any changes will effect performance and/or operation and could void Warranty.

  • We want you to ride safe. Always wear your safety equipment!
  • Helmets are the law in most states, we also feel eye protection is a must.
  • Make sure your bike parts will be safe for the speeds you will be running.
  • Make sure your rear rim / wheel is true and there is no warp or wobble.
  • Give your bike a complete safety check.
  • Be sure all nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Check your brakes for wear and proper adjustment.
  • Check your tires.
  • Consult the manual that came with your bicycle for a complete safety and maintenance check.
  • Obey ALL traffic and speed laws, drive respectfully & courteously but defensively.
  • Do Not ride faster than your field of vision – avoid potholes and debris to avoid accident or wheel damage.
  • Wear a good BMX type, full coverage helmet.
  • A mirror is all but a necessity.
  • Front and rear fenders are more than convenient, keep road grime and debris out of your face and off your back.
  • After you have run a through a few gallons of gas, re-check and re-tighten any nuts, bolts and spokes – this is your transportation, perform maintenance routinely.

We do feel you should be warned! Don’t over do it!
After riding for a couple of hours on a motorized bicycle(40-60 miles), you wont feel as though you have exerted much energy because you have had such a blast – BUT – unless you are in excellent physical condition your muscles are going to feel it. Golden Eagle motorized bikes could be marketed as the ULTIMATE exer-cycle, but that was not our primary goal.

Our goal was to build the most dependable, affordable and practical mode of motorized bicycle transportation available for everyone, young or old, the physically fit, or over weight and out of shape. The Eagle will carry you further, faster, and for fewer pennies than anything else on the market. No drivers license required in most states or countries. We do recommend that you check with your state and local ordinances – they all vary in top speeds and engine size for moped and bike classifications.

With our unique belt drive design we have created the ultimate in bicycle assist engine kits. You will not be limited by road conditions, weather, or the distance you need to travel.