How to Install Your Flat-Top Engine

76mm Clutch Kit

Fits but is not limited to:
35cc Robin/Subaru 4-stroke, 31cc and 35cc Honda 4-stroke, 40cc Komatsu Zenoah/RedMax 2-stroke, 33cc & 40cc Tanaka 2-stroke, 43cc Mitsubishi 2-stroke, …

The clutch housing bell assembly fits engines with 2 3/4″ sq bolt hole pattern (step 1).


1) Install one tab of Kill ground wire to upper Left bolt (A); Install and tighten all 4 bolts

2) Install the throttle cable, of the GEBE spring loaded Trigger Throttle assembly, through throttle barrel (slot) on engine.

3) Install 2nd tab of ground wire to upper left bolt (A), Safety cover Tab to upper Right bolt (B)
*Both upper bolts are Button Head Bolts*

Install remaining two bolts (Flat Head Bolts/Counter Sunk Bolts) to secure Engine Bracket. Tighten all four bolts. (Fourth Bolt is underneath Tension Lever Arm)

You have completed installation of your engine onto the GEBE Mount Kit w/o Engine and are now ready to install the engine on your bicycle (printed instructions included with kits) and find out what that engine is really meant to do.