Golden Eagle Was A Big Hit At Bonneville Salt Flats!

Sept. 17-21 2008: Golden Eagle was proud to sponsor Augie Deabler and his Motorized Bicycle “Sabrina II” in USFRA’s 22nd Annual World of Speed. Augie, whose credentials include being co-creator of, can now claim the distinction of being the first professional Motorized Bicycle Racer. “I’m out to prove that the bicycle is a great foundation for small-engine motorsporting” he says, “I hope other builders & riders will think so too, and join us.”

“It was an amazing experience” says Augie, “The other racers respected my vehicle for what it was, and the spectators were beside themselves with admiration for the Golden Eagle drive train.”

Augie ran a “stock” Tanaka PF33 with a bigger carburetor and Powerpipe, and averaged 30mph with a top speed of 32.4.

“Overall, I’m a very happy rookie…the engine performed exactly as expected. I completed all 5 runs without mishap, and we have the unique statistic of attaining 1mph/cc.”

Augie’s bike was featured on the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association’s website, and was the subject of many pictures and videos. It’s possible he and S-2 will be included in the “World of Speed 2008” DVD.

“Many pictures courtesy of Hal Cannon, Western Folklife Center”

What’s next for Augie? “I really like riding my MB, and I’ve been inspired to modify Sabrina-II for long-distance travel & tour the United States in 2010.”

“I’d like to eventually settle down in the Salt Lake area & live out my days racing Motorized Bicycles with Golden-Eagle.”

“I got the Racing-Bug bad, there’s no denying that. I’m very grateful to the Golden Eagle home team for all the support, and I’m looking forward to meeting y’all in person in 2010!”

Check out Augie in action!