Bicycle Motor Kit – Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the most frequently asked questions about our bicycle motor kit.

bicycle motor kit

How much does the Golden Eagle bicycle motor kit weigh?

Individual Engine Specs are listed on the INFO page, depending on the engine – Total weight of engine and all mounting parts range from 12 lbs to 14 lbs.

How loud are the motorized bike engines?

All small engine are between 70db’s at Idle to 85 db’s at Full Throttle. 4-stroke engines are in the same range, it’s the Tone many find less irritating that results in the “Quiet” reputation – the 2-stroke Tanaka is, also, in this category.

Can I pedal without the engine running?

YES…One of the features of our bicycle motor kit is that you can disengage the belt tensioner with a flip of a small lever and the bike will pedal like normal.

You won’t feel much drag, pedaling the 25.4cc RedMax for short distances, with tension lever off. Pedaling longer distances and for engines with larger clutches, it’s much easier to remove belt from drive ring. It takes seconds:

1) With tension lever off, roll bike a few inches as you lift belt from track of drive ring,
2) *Carefully* flip tension lever back to on position, belt will be held in position on drive gear, ready for reinstallation of belt.
3) Loop belt out of the way (many just loop over knob) twist tie, if you wish. Takes less than 1 min. To replace, re-route belt for engine use.

What kind of fuel does the bicycle motor kit take?

The 2-stroke engines use Unleaded Gas, 87 octane or better with Quality 50:1 2-stroke mixing oil for Air Cooled engines – we Highly recommend synthetic Blends, not straight synthetic.

For the 4-stroke engines, 87 octane, or better, is recommended and the oil you find runs best in your auto and/or recommended for weather conditions in your area, consult your Engine Manual.

Would a bicycle shop be a good place to take my Eagle Motor bike for installation?

No, many bicycle shops have a negative attitude when it comes to motorizing a bike; they feel everyone should be in Lance’s physical condition. If you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to do the installation yourself, take the unit to your neighborhood lawn and garden repair – these folks are familiar with engines and which end of the screwdriver to use!

When you say "pedal a few strokes" on take-off, what speed do you recommend before pulling on the throttle?

You don’t have to pedal up to any certain speed, just a few strokes to start the bike rolling, as you ease on the throttle. Taking off from a traffic light, I always pedal a few more strokes for a faster take-off. When I say ‘ease’ on the throttle, I mean – Don’t yank it! Treat the machine with a little respect and you’ll be rewarded for a long time – these are bicycle engines not motorcycles (although some of these engines might argue that opinion).

Which engine is recommended as commuter transportation?

A general ‘rule of thumb’ would be to recommend a 2-stroke engine, most commuters are looking for the fastest speed – 2-strokes are faster and made to run full throttle all day (with 4-strokes, it’s recommended to back off the throttle slightly for long range cruising).

What kind of oil should I use for my bicycle motor kit?

For 2-stroke engines, use a quality oil expressly labeled: 50:1 Two Stroke Mixing Oil for Air Cooled Engines – and only mix it 50 parts gas to 1 part oil. We highly recommend synthetic blends as opposed to straight synthetics.

4-stroke engines take automotive oil – and whatever is recommended for your temperatures. Consult your engine manual.

How do I change the oil in my 4-stroke, without having to turn the bicycle motor kit upside down?

With a basting bulb – and don’t grab the one out of the kitchen – Unless you’re fast! A 3 – 4 inch piece of gas line (auto parts) stuck on the tip of the baster will facilitate the job.

My wheel has 32 spokes and has held up well to my 25cc Eagle bicycle motor kit, how do you think it would hold up to the larger engines?

We strongly recommend you have a 36 spoke wheel for engines 30cc and larger.

I have a 35cc 4-stroke bicycle motor kit, my 26" wheel spokes are 14 gauge but the spokes occasionally break - any fix?

Replace spokes with a US quality stainless straight (not tapered) spokes – the difference between Asian and US stainless is tremendous.

What features should I look for in a bike - Specifically to motorize?

Specifically? 36 spoke (stainless steel spokes) wheels, solid axle (not a quick release) and rim brakes will simplify the process – Then, #1, find a bike that’s comfortable for you! Fenders, rear view mirror, speedometer and a nice fat comfort saddle, our customers find they spend a lot more time on their Eagle bicycle motor kit than they ever did on a pedal bike.

Any problems reported with disk brakes?

Disk brakes put a lot of stress on spokes, addition of engine doubles the stress, maintenance might get expensive.

Some disk brakes only require the lower mount strap be spaced out with a nut/washer for proper mounting – Others find they have to grind a 1/4″ wedge from the lower strap to clear the brake, still others require serious modification of the mount and would not be recommended. Installation instructions on the ‘How To’ page of this website are very helpful in answering this issue.

Can I mount an Eagle bicycle motor kit top my mono-shock bike?

Yes, again, the installation instructions are helpful. The front mount strap is attached to the fender bolt hole (not the seat post), the securely mounted engine moves with the wheel.

What are the belts made out of?

The belts are a kevlar based material (what bullet proof vests are made of) for super long life and strength.

How do I turn them off or stop the bicycle motor kit?

The Golden Eagle bicycle motor kit comes with a simple kill button you can attach to your handlebar – OR – flip the engine choke lever on/forward to kill the engine.

Do I need a driver's license to ride a bicycle motor kit?

No, in most states our bicycle motor kit does not classify as a motor vehicle/moped. Check your local laws to be safe.

Can I add an additional muffler to reduce noise of my bicycle motor kit?

No, unless it’s approved specifically for that engine, we do not recommend additional mufflers or silencers. Restricting exhaust flow can cause engine to overheat, reducing life and/or loss of performance. Warranty does not cover use of any unauthorized parts. An exhaust tip that turns noise away from rider’s ear, back and toward the street – makes a difference without causing air restriction, overheating or loss of performance.

Do you recommend a particular kind of bicycle to use with your bicycle motor kit?

Click Here for how to pick the right bike for your Golden Eagle Bicycle Motor Kit.

What are the differences between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke bicycle motor kit?

Click Here for detailed explanation between these two different types of engines.

Do you offer a warranty or return policy?

Yes, we offer a 90 day mount warranty and a return policy.

What kind/size of wheel does the drive ring fit?

Our drive rings fit either 32 spoke or 36 spoke wheels (recommended), requires the standard 3 cross or 4 cross spoke pattern, common to most bicycles. Fits 24″, 26″ and 700c (not recommended) wheels.
To provide the most dependable ride and simplify installation and least expense, we recommend: 26″ – 36 spoke wheels (stainless steel, straight spokes preferred), dual rim brakes, solid axle w/nuts on the rear wheel and a bike that is comfortable. The shorter spokes on a 24″ wheel are stronger than larger wheels (4x spoke pattern is perfect drive ring fit), the smaller wheel lends more low-end torque. A 26″ wheel allows faster top end speeds and is less expensive for tires (more common).

Will your bicycle motor kit work with 700c wheels?

The bicycle motor kit will fit a 700c wheel. The spokes of a 700c are longer (less strong for motorizing) and because of the amount of room under our Lower Mount Strap (main engine support) you would be limited to tire selection, 700 x 32 would probably be the most aggressive tire you could use or tire would rub the bolts that connect the engine bracket to the Lower strap.

We have quite a few customers that have made our bicycle motor kit work great with 700c wheels.

Will your bicycle motor kit work with 29 inch wheels?


How do I determine what size my wheel is?

Refer to sidewall of tire to determine wheel size, numbers indicate size of wheel and width of tire.