Electric Bicycle VS. Gas Motor Bicycle

Considering an electric bicycle vs. a gas motor bicycle?

Chances are if you’re here – your considering purchasing some form of bicycle assist kit. At Golden Eagle we’ve spent almost 2 decades designing, improving and producing bicycle assist kits and are considered one of, if not the top authority on the various kit designs in production today.  We have spent the last 18 years building the trust behind our name brand and products.

Consider the quality of the components?

When you buy something from ebay, alababa, gearbest – I’m sure you consider many things while searching. Quality is typically one of the top factors we all consider first. There are dozens of ‘cheap’ electric bicycle kits out there – just hit google and you’ll see pages after page of them all claiming to be the best…

But what does it take to make something ‘the best’?

Our reputation as the best gas powered bicycle kit didn’t happen by accident. We have worked… and struggled… and succeeded in building a company with US produced products, using US materials and components, all while providing local jobs. There is no other electric bicycle or gas motor bicycle company that’s made in the good ‘ol US of A. They might be shipped and assembled here – but their components are made over seas where the quality of work isn’t the top priority…

Concerned about safety?​

Just hit Youtube and search ‘eBike fire’ you’ll be shocked and amazed at the amount of videos you’ll find.

I wouldn’t want my house potentially being burned down for the sake of owning an Electric Bicycle!

Just think about having to take that chance every time you need to charge the battery (which means every time you want to ride the bike!)

Ease of use & reliability?

There are many factors in maintaining and operating an Electric Bicycle. The huge Lithium battery pack(s) is a major part of that… The Lithium batteries are a complete fire hazard where ever the bike is kept, no matter if it’s on charge or just collecting dust there is always the potential for a devastating fire. That’s not a chance anyone should take with their family.

All the engines we use are as safe as they are dependable. Simple to use and easy to maintain with no heavy maintenance required, even with daily use. A small oil  a few times a year and you’re off to the races. 

Electric Bicycle components like the hub motor windings, electronic speed controller, friction/hub rollers… Not to mention hundreds of dollars in Dangerous replacement battery packs every year because the life span on the batteries is terrible (especially when stored in less than ideal conditions!) 

Why take the risk and have to worry about all that nonsense?

“Our kits have NEVER caught fire…” is something no eBike company said, ever… It doesn’t have to be that way though…

With proper maintenance and care your gas motor bicycle kit from Golden Eagle will outlast 100 Electric bicycle kits… And the Earth will thank you!

electric bicycle vs. gas motor bicycle