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Bikes and other useful stuff for your Golden Eagle, the worlds best motorized bike kit!

Visit our new BLOG dedicated to all things bicycling.  You can also visit our social media sites for more great pictures, videos and articles about the best bike kit around. We have been in business since 2001 and have met some great companies – we’re happy to help connect people with the things they love but we are in no way promoting these items – we’ve had many customers ask where certain items can be found – We hope this helps!

MSR – Carry extra gas safely in MSR fuel containers, 22oz & 33oz bottles fit a bicycle drink clip. Available at many camping supply stores and online. We are looking for a small pea-nut type gas tank, the right size/shape for a bicycle, if anyone knows were we might find one, drop us a line (our cross country riders need one)

Nashbar – If your local bike shop doesn’t have what you need, Nashbar has a complete line of reasonably-priced, quality bicycle accessories – including – kevlar tires, studded tires, 36 spoke wheels – alloy rim, stainless Smith spokes, 7, 8 & 9 cassette, suspension seatposts (shock on the seatpost), fenders, etc… call 1-800-Nashbar or visit them online.

Buzzing – Late in the 19th century the UK and Europe began it’s infatuation with motorized bicycles, organizing meets, races, cross-country runs and other events. National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club (NACC) publishes ‘Buzzing’, a very interesting, often amusing, magazine for their club members. Click on ‘What’s it About’ to begin your history lesson (and the Fun) – take a look at some of these vintage machines and enjoy reading about the member’s exploits. Enjoy yourself! – Motorized bicycle forum. Help and discussion of gas and electric powered Bicycles.

Bicycle Recommendations – How to pick the right bike for your Golden Eagle Kit.

BentRider Online – A lengthy article about the Bike Power-assist System on a RANS longbike recumbent.

Lightfoot Cycles – Lightfoot cycles are very high quality bikes, trikes, and recumbents. They are engineered for safety and durability. They are handcrafted in the US of aircraft grade chromoly steel, and each one comes with a lifetime frame warranty. All-wheel disk braking on every Lightfoot means that when you want to stop, you STOP. Ergonomic positioning puts the rider as they would be positioned in a car, and the seat and handlebars adjust to fit riders from 4’10” to 6’4″. Their seats are outrageously comfortable and can be hand-adjusted and contoured to fit the rider’s own body type. They also customize for special needs.

Lightfoot Cycles have informed us that our bicycle engine kit mounts to every Lightfoot bike model – trike, recumbent or upright.

Lightfoot Cycle writes:
“The first Golden Eagle that we installed for a customer was picked up at our shop in Darby and driven by him from Montana all the way back to his place in Iowa. He wrote to tell us that he calculated mileage of 250 mpg for his trip. He carried all his gear on his Lightfoot trike, and he had a lot of gear. The Golden Eagle and the Lightfoot both performed flawlessly.”

Remember to wear proper safety gear when riding your Golden Eagle! Simply, the best motorized bike kit!