4-n-1 Ring Key Uses

Ring Installation:

1 – A ) Put liquid soap in spoke slots before installing the Drive Ring to avoid possible damage to slots or spokes. Rotate the Ring over the wheel until All spokes line up with slots on the ring before beginning ring installation. There is a leading and a trailing spoke on a bicycle wheel, the spacing is slightly different, the ring is tooled to allow for this difference, check for correct alignment.

1 – B ) Place the 4-n-1 key as shown against to the Outside edge of the ring (on the inside could cause damage to the belt track of the ring), hook the spoke.

1 – C ) Insert screwdriver thru hole on the tool, from the Outside of the ring, place a small piece of cardboard or rubber between the tip of the screwdriver and the ring, and lift on the handle to pull spoke into slot of the ring.*TIP- (After 1st spoke is attached, it’s best to attach the spoke on the opposite side of the wheel next (180 degrees from the 1st). Work your way back and forth around the wheel attaching spokes. i.e…if the wheel were a clock, it would be – 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3, 9, etc…until all spokes are attached.)

Engine Gear Replacement:

2 ) A hole is punched at one end to fit the nut of the drive gears – eliminating need for wrench when changing gears. Follow gear change instructions in the Installation Guide for your engine.


Ring Removal:

3 ) Forked at the other end – to assist Removal of drive ring – Remember, use liquid soap to lube the slots before installing or removing the drive ring. Slide the forked end of key around spoke, under outside edge of ring(between ring and tire) and push down to gently push spoke out of slot. Remove with the same north, south, east, west steps.

Spoke Wrench:

4 ) Forked end is also a Spoke Wrench – Line forks up with the flat edges of the spoke nipple and push slot onto nipple. The fit is very tight, as is needed, not to strip the nipple. Turn to adjust (tighten/loosen) the spoke. NOTE: The first time you use your tool on the spokes, push hard, it will be extremely tight because of the rustproof coating that is on the tool itself.